Bill Noon Healing Freedom

Pain in the foot

Since last writing I have endured the discomfort of ‘cellulitis’ in my foot and ankle which has played havoc with my life both at work and play. Being unable to put weight on your foot and getting a jolt up the leg when you do has been very draining needless to say that trying to offer clients the chance of hypnotherapy has been impossible. Antibiotics are supposed to be the main method of resolving this infection having taken 2 courses of the things I still have issues with the ankle being swollen and hot. All I can say is that it has given me a minute taste of what people with serious pain must encounter and it will without doubt spur me on to offer clients pain relief through hypnotherapy and Healing-Freedomâ„¢ whenever I can. I really am looking forward to resuming normal service once the infection has subsided and my life returns to the (not so) normal. If anyone out there is suffering from the same type of problem you have my deepest sympathy and understanding.


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