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Help from Healing-Freedom

Help from Healing-Freedom™ recently got me through a difficult time in my life.  Within days of each other I suffered a bereavement and the loss of my job.  I decided to treat myself using the Healing-Freedom™ technique, it works for my clients.  My emotions were all over the place and trying to think straight was difficult,  energy healing was the answer so I carried out a treatment on myself and found a great boost to my state of mind.  This episode in my life has created changes to the way I think and how I prioritise.

A calmer person with a more open mind has emerged, the healing that has taken place within me and the healing work that I do certainly gives me a feeling that is so good it is difficult to describe.

Being involved with ‘alternative’ therapy,  Healing-Freedom™,  Reiki, etc.  I decided that the time was right for me to pursue this as a full time career.  Now not everyone can accept what I say about the way energy healing works and the great results that are achieved.  So I looked for another way to help people that has some similarities to what I already do and is more widely accepted having a higher profile.  I decided that Hypnotherapy was a path to follow, (no not making people think they are a chicken running around on stage – that is a routine used by some stage Hypnotists), ‘Therapy’ is the important part that makes all the difference.

Earlier this month (February) I commenced a training programme to become a  Hypnotherapist with a recognised Diploma, already I feel so good about this, my confidence is growing like I have never felt before. The energy I feel is so positive thanks to Healing-Freedom™ it has become the cornerstone of my future.

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